NACIVT NYC Day 2 results!

To ALL captains: 4th place teams in gold and silver need to ref a challenge match at 8:30am, everyone else report in by 9:30am.
Men’s challenges are:
Ct M1: Montreal Freemasons vs. Tor Warriors Black – (Ref team: Knights A)
Ct M2: SF Rage vs. Tien Lung Dragon Fire – (Ref team: NY Guang Hai)
Ct M3: NY Strangers A vs. DC MVP B – (Ref Team: Tor Flying Tigers X)
Ct M4: TBD (5th Place Team of Ct 4) vs. TBD (1st Place Team of Ct 6) – (Ref Team: 4th Place Team of Ct 4)
Ct M5: Montreal Phoenix vs. Boston Freemasons – (DC MVP Snapping Turtles WORKS)
Ct M6: SF Tien Lung Dragon Dynasty vs. DC Yee Fong Thunder – (NY Impact WORKS)
Ct M7: NY Strangers B vs. TBD (1st Place Team Ct 10) – (LA Fresh WORK)
Ct M8: Tor Phoenix B vs. Philly Suns – (Philly Tai Mai Shu WORK)
Women’s challenges are:
Ct W1: LA Mint vs Toronto Connex C (LA IVball Smack WORKS)
Ct W2: DC MVP Dinos vs LA Underdogs (Tor Connex B WORKS)
Ct W3: Tor Flying Tigers Black vs Tor Genesis (TO KiNEX WORKS)
Ct W4: NY Vikings Kapow vs DC Fusion (Montreal Freemasons WORKS)
Ct W5: Philly CIA Avengers vs NY Impact Dynamic (NY Guang Hai WORKS)
Ct W6: NY Cranky Red Pandas vs Tor Flying Tigers Red (Boston 1UP FM WORKS)
Ct W7: Boston Hurricanes Black vs Tor United (SF Tien Lung Dragons Fury WORKS)
Ct W8: NY Vikings Remix vs Tor Thunder Bolt (Philly Lady Suns A WORKS)