Sunday Pool Update – Important!

Important Update (Tournament Format Change)

To all NACIVT teams:

The metal flight (gold/silver/bronze) round of pool play is behind schedule. Due to tonight’s banquet start time of 7pm, we are asking that NO MATCHES START AFTER 6PM. Matches that have started before 6pm can continue to completion. All others who are not playing or working should begin heading to the banquet.

We will complete the remainder of metal flight pools starting at 8am Monday (tomorrow) morning. Same courts, same teams, and same work/ref assignments as today.

All teams are required to check their schedules accordingly. Late teams (including work teams) will be penalized by forfeit of current or future games.

First match starts tomorrow morning 8:15am, where your pool last left off. After the completion of pool play tomorrow morning (~9am), we still expect to hold gold and silver challenge matches and first round play-in matches (playoff round of 20), but will shorten these to ONE SINGLE GAME to 21, no cap.

Please see the command center with any questions and stay tuned.